Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stakeholders: HPU Computing Services Knowledge Portal / Student FAQs

A Computing Services 'how-to' app/portal - whether it be intended for student use, or help desk use - could have a significant effect on business operations. 


- Operational:  Internally, operational stakeholders consist of students and Computing Services personnel; namely, Technical Analysts and Technical Analyst Assistants.  On one hand, it could make their jobs easier; but on the other hand, it could make their jobs less important. For students - if done right - it could make their academic lives more convenient. 
- Executive:  Internally, executive stakeholders consist mainly of the CIO and her associates: the President and Vice President(s).  They may care in that it could help or harm business operations.  


- Operational:  Externally, operational stakeholders consist mainly of prospective students: they want to know how easy it is to find out how to employ tech services at HPU, to do whatever they may need to.  If they knew that such a system existed, it might help to make their decision to enroll at HPU an easier one. 
- Executive:  Externally, public figures and business leaders in the community who may have ties to the board of trustees may have stake in such a project, for it could improve the perception of the university and Hawaii in general.  *** well, maybe it wouldn't matter that much, but still... ***

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