Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brainstorming Idea: HPU Computing Services Knowledge Portal / Student FAQs

Problem Description:
In the HPU Computing Services Division, there has been a stalled effort to develop some type of consolidated knowledge portal for students to help themselves in accordance with the most frequently asked questions about how to do various tasks pertaining to computing services.  For example, students often ask about such things as how to get their hpu gmail onto their smartphones, or how to scan documents with the printer/scanner in the lab.  Some parts are in the planning phase, but the overall project is far from completion. 

System Capabilities:
This web portal would incorporate text, pictures, and video into hyperlinks that would explain whatever issues students need help with.  Students should be able to access this web portal through the hpu website or through hpu pipleline.  Behind the scenes, Computing Services personnel should be able to modify content as needed. 

Business Benefits:
This new system would streamline HPU-IT business operations; it would result in increased productivity and save countless man-hours.

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