Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brainstorming Idea: HPU Student Degree Planner

Problem Description: 
Oftentimes, HPU students fall behind and don't graduate/progress as early as they could because of confusion about what courses must be taken in which semesters in order to progress as quickly as possible.  And sometimes, academic advisors fail to advise students on the best course of action to take in general.  I propose that an application be developed to help students quickly build an accurate an feasible degree plan, all the way out to graduation. 

System Capabilities:
This system must know about or be able to handle:
The entire HPU course catalog (or maybe just a few specific majors?)
Whether a course has prerequisites
Whether a course serves as a prereq for another course
Whether a course can be taken concurrently
Whether a substitute course can be taken
Which / how many of HPU's semsters will the course be offered in, and which formats (sections)
The difficulty / commitment level of the course (not all courses are equally challenging)
Adjustments in a student's degree plan, due to dropped courses, etc.

Business Benefits:
The system could increase student retention and graduation rates, and overall customer satisfaction (it could improve HPU's reputation). 

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